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Skripta: Sustainable regional development - Udržitelný rozvoj regionu - skripta

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1 Thematic Area I. - Sustainable Development of the Regions - the Strategy, Concepts and Management
1.1 What is a Region?
· A territorial unit - a common level of certain characters (in terms of representation, distribution and representative phenomenon) or a common process
· Basic characteristic - horizontal and vertical (in terms of territorial level of influence) location and boundaries (characters and phenomena of physicalgeographic or socio-geographical systems, eg natural, cultural - historical, socio-economic characteristics and different types of regional processes and relationships)
· The structure of the region and the result of the interaction of natural forces, and social systems, geographic region, two basic concepts: heterogeneous and homogeneous
1.1.1 Homogeneous region
· Also a natural or formal region
· It is an internally homogeneous territorial unit defined by internal structural similarities and differences to the surrounding environment (uniform intensity of occurrences representative phenomena, homogeneity of the external appearance or otherwise measurable character)
· The application is seen especially in the study of natural landscapes, but also in socio-economic sectors (e.g. agricultural region)
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